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Bucket & Spade


Year 3

" Dear Jo. You are like a learning doctor. Thank you for helping me. "

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Alarm Clock


Year 1

" I like playing games and I really like your games as I now know my number bonds and my letters. "

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Cartoon Crocodile


Year 5

"I didn't realise you could learn in different ways. I thought it was just my teachers way.  Thank you so much for helping me."

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Year 3

"You helped me to learn things in a happy way.  I will miss you and your fun a lot."

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Year 2

"I really like you. You are funny. You make me laugh and you are my friend."

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Teddy Bear


Year 3

"School is so much  happier because of you helping me. Thank you Jo."

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Three Buttons


Year 5

"I like coming to see you because I know each week I will leave  being able to do something else better than when I arrived."

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Year 6

"Thank you Jo for helping me to understand what the teachers couldn't teach me at school."

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Year 4

"I wish you could always be my teacher at school - then I wouldn't ever have to say goodbye. Thank you for helping me to do things in a way I can understand. I will miss you"

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School Head

Midhurst Primary School

"Just a quick response as I am knee deep in data and file sorting at school but I did want to acknowledge your incredibly informative and helpful email. I have read through it once but will do so many times I am sure and will share the information with my team. Many many thanks - this amount of detail, dedication and professionalism is rare these days and MUCH appreciated! ."

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Seb's mummy

Year 4

"Jo produced a very informative and relaxed non-diagnostic

assessment, which was more valuable than our educational psychology report. Wish we'd know about her sooner! We wasted a lot of time and money before

meeting Jo. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly enough to any parent. She offers a fantastic service that is priceless to any child, or parent, that is in need of specialist support. "

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Miles & Amelia's parents

Year 5 and Year 7

"Jo is a complete breath of fresh air in a daunting and complex school world. She is understanding, dedicated and highly personable. She has assessed and taught both my children over the past 3 years. Through her meticulous assessments she was able to uncover the small but vital gaps in their learning. If you're lucky enough to also have her teach your child, she will find the best 'unique' way to help them learn and this in turn has enabled my children to have a solid base in which they can now go forward independently. We will forever be grateful for her help and support and I couldn’t recommend anyone strongly enough to help both you and your child."

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Sophie's parents

Year 3

"After having spoken with you on the phone for a rather long time, it was so wonderful to finally get to meet someone professional yet humane. You empathised with our parental predicament as well as listened to the difficulties our child was having with their school work. Your assessment outcomes were a life saver. My doubts of my daughter having severe learning difficulites evaporated as the summary showed all the little areas that needed to be addressed. You are a gem of a find and I wish all worried parents like us could have you at their side to calm, assess and support their children. The transformation you have made with our daughter is astonishing! Thank you Jo from the bottom of our hearts!"

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Callum's daddy

Year 6

"Because our son had significant gaps in his maths and literacy skills we had considered pursuing an educational psychologist. However Jo’s assessment, input and expertise made that unnecessary. We are extremely thankful for all her hard work."

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Eddie's mummy

Year 2

"Thank you for the speed at which you produced your assessment summary for my son. I think it was in less than 24-hours which is unheard of. I am so blessed to have been recommended to you - your assessment is affordable yet invaluable to both schools; parents and children alike. Thanks to your advise, we are slowly addressing your findings and at the rate of our son's new found success in school, we might never need a formal assessment. Everyone should know about Jo Packard."

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Lucy's parents

Year 5

"Your patience, understanding and caring nature to a parent worried about their anxious child was invaluable. Thanks to your amazing assessments; clear and systematic summary and your honest advise, our daughter is now thriving like the happy and confident child she used to be. I could not recommend you more highly Jo! Thank you!"