Individual Non-Diagnostic Assessments

For Primary children with mild to moderate difficulties to learn.


COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT  Face-to-face assessments are taking place, however due to mixing with different schools and counties, Jo has chosen to keep Covid-19 Health and Safety measures in place. You can start the assessment process today by getting in touch using the CONTACT page. Non-Diagnostic Assessments need constant observations, they are hands-on and interactive so are not suitable to be administered online. In order to support the community, the Non-Diagnostic Assessment fee has been reduced until further notice. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding.

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How wonderful would it be if schools and parents had easy access to an affordable educational assessment specifically designed for

their Primary children who display mild to moderate difficulties to learn in the classroom...without the need of red tape...or a formal diagnosis.


An individual Non-Diagnostic Assessment is now available in West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey so that younger children will be able to receive the relevant and individual micro-teaching missing from their learning journey. By addressing or re-addressing these micro-targets, it will enable them to gain

self-confidence, catch up with their current curriculum and learn how to enjoy learning.

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About Jo Packard | Founder

I have been working with Primary children and their families in state and private education since 1995.

The fundamental reason why LEARN OUT OF THE BOX was conceived was because more recently it became evident that there was not an affordable educational assessment specifically for Primary children

who demonstrated mild to moderate difficulties in the classroom, yet their differences were not severe or complex enough to warrant a rigorous diagnostic assessment.


For parents, not knowing where to go to get the right kind of support for their child can be

distressing, daunting and an exhausting minefield often with no answers. 

With my decades of experience in Primary education supporting KS1- KS2 children both in and out of the classroom, it is proven that if we can find and teach the micro-gaps missing from their learning journey when they are younger, they will have a greater chance at becoming independent learners when they are older. 

This new assessment has repeatedly shown that a younger child may not have learning difficulties at all, but rather a difficulty to learn because of these micro-gaps.


I will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Problems are not stop signs,

they are guidelines. R H SCHULLER

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Schools & Parents


The Process


Individual Giving

The fundamental thing to consider when choosing an assessment is how will the results specifically help a teacher to teach and a child to learn.

Jo can professionally and sensitively uncover exactly what is needed to be taught in order to help the children

achieve success throughout their younger years.

LEARN OUT OF THE BOX's Non-Diagnostic Assessment has repeatedly shown that for a younger child, more often than not, their struggles have

nothing to do with their current age

or year group.

Jo assesses Primary children throughout the calendar year from her home; or if arranged by the SENDCo she will go into schools with her mobile service during the academic year.

The tests cover: reading, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, handwriting, phonological awareness, verbal, aural, working & short-term memory, number and place value, number facts, addition and subtraction & multiplication and division. 

A child's Summary Report is specifically designed to be handed over to a school's SEN Department; Primary Teachers; internal Specialist Teachers; qualified SEN TAs or via the parent to an external Specialist Teachers. The 1-page document ​​enables them to plan and teach the micro-gaps found missing in their learning journey so that the child can learn.

LEARN OUT OF THE BOX's community assessment work, for children from lower income families,

relies on the support from individuals or companies so that funds do not have to be taken away from school's already limited budget.


This financial support enables more Primary children who need specific individual support to be assessed when they are young.

Please get in touch with Jo if you are able to help in any way.

" Jo is a complete breath of fresh air in a daunting and complex school world. She is understanding, dedicated and highly personable. She has assessed and taught both my children over the past 3 years.


Through her scrupulous assessments she was able to uncover the small but vital gaps in their learning. If you're lucky enough to also have her

teach your child, she will find the best and 'unique' way to help them

learn and this in turn has enabled my children to have a solid base in

which they can now go forward independently.


We will forever be grateful for her help and support and I couldn’t recommend anyone strongly enough to help both you and your child." 


Amelia Year 7 & Mile's Year 5 parents 


Jo is based on the borders of West Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey.