I have 26-years experience in Primary education. I am a qualified Primary

Teacher with a BA (Hons) B.Ed and I hold an OCR Level 5 Diploma in 'Teaching learners with Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia'.

The fundamental reason why LEARN OUT OF THE BOX was conceived was because more recently it became evident that there was not an educational assessment specifically for Primary children who demonstrated mild to moderate difficulties in the classroom where the results showed a teacher exactly what to teach to help that individual

child to learn.

Every pupil will have been affected differently by Covid-19 - my assessment outcome can help teachers see how to most effectively support their pupils individual needs.


For parents, not knowing where to go to get the right kind of support for their child/ren can be distressing, daunting and an exhausting minefield often with no answers. 


This sizeable group of children can encounter the same distresses as those with a formal diagnosis, however their needs can be overlooked. If left unaddressed, some of them can go on to develop more acute learning difficulties and lower self-esteem, making their education more challenging; their current curriculum even harder to access - and the likelihood of a diagnostic assessment at the end of KS2/3 more probable.

These children need someone empathetic who will fight their corner; someone who believes in them and can

skilfully, professionally and sensitively uncover exactly what they need to be taught in order to help them achieve success throughout their curriculum.

EVERY KID NEEDS A CHAMPION   |   RITA PIERSON   |  TED Talks  Education 2013

With my decades of experience in Primary education supporting KS1-KS2 children in and out of the classroom, it is proven that if we can teach the micro-gaps missing from their learning journey when they are younger, they will have a greater chance at becoming independent learners when they are older. 

This new assessment has repeatedly shown that a younger child may not have learning difficulties at all, but rather a difficulty to learn because of these micro-gaps.


Every Summary Report is unique to that child with an outcome that is a straightforward 1-page working document so that educators know exactly what is needed to plan and teach this ever-growing group of Primary children so that they can LEARN OUT OF THE BOX  with confidence, sparkle and shine.

It's not that they can't do it -

they just can't do it yet.