C-19 is not going anywhere and neither am I.

Face-to-face assessments are taking place throughout the calendar year, however due to mixing with different schools and counties, Jo has chosen to keep Covid-19 Health and Safety measures in place for the time being for the safety of our families and communities. Non-Diagnostic Assessments need constant observations, they are hands-on and interactive so are not suitable to be administered online.

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Whilst Covid-19 still has an ongoing presence, and due to visiting many different schools, I need to know:

  • If a child I am assessing has had exposure to someone with Covid in the past 14-days.

  • If that child is absent from school on the day of assessment.

  • They bring a water bottle to the assessment, any teaching aids and to wear their glasses or hearing aids.


Please use my mobile

07881 780 156

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Whilst Covid-19 still has an ongoing presence, and due to entering my family home:

  • Children need to bring thier own water bottle and snack.

  • Parents will need to wear a face-covering if they enter the studio.

  • Hand sanitiser will be used.

  • I will wear a face visor & I also do  bi-weekly LFT.

  • A window or the door will be open for ventilation ouroises

  • The assessment material and all surfaces will be cleaned prior and post any appointment.


Please complete the form below by hitting the Covid icon below. I must have the form completed on the morning of an assessment or teaching session before arrival.


I need to receive it in my inbox before arrival or the session will not take place.